Live An Emotionally Mature Life

Detox yoga provides you with optimistic energy and improves well-being. This course transfigures your personality while cleansing your body, mind, and soul.

In this chaotic world, we experience different energies both positive and negative. These energies have an influence over our behaviors and reactions. It is very important to find out the root causes of negativity and exploring positivity into our life.
Detox yoga is an excellent way to create harmony between the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga meditation is not about pushing your limits and straining yourself too hard. It is about getting in touch with your inner self and making progress along the way. Yoga has different asanas and breathing routines that are instrumental for a positive change.

The ‘Detox Yoga To Live In Serenity, Purpose & Peace’ onergen course will help you live a peaceful and meaningful life. It will empower you to take control of your emotions and live with confidence. The course will bring revolutionary and feasible changes to human mind, body and soul.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for people who:

  •   Enhance focus
  •   Instill self-compassion
  •   Improve mental health
  •   Increase physical strength
  •   Promote emotional wellness
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What is Required From The Students?

  •    Passion to change life
  •    Yoga mat and firm blocks for support
  •    Cushions
  •    Desire to get out of comfort zone
  •    Internet access

Course Description

The course will teach you different ways to strengthen your core area and realistic techniques to detox your body. It will facilitate you to boost your energy through the use of regular breathing exercises. There are several strategies that will enable you to reduce your fatigue skillfully.

For the recovery class, the instructor will guide you through multiple yoga poses for complete detoxification. This online yoga class has the purpose to strengthen your body and make it flexible through rhythmic movement. The curriculum is designed in such a way so that students can apply the learnings in different settings and scenarios.

Consequently, the module will help the students take charge of their physical health. It will help them manage chronic pain, asthma, and diabetes.

What you’ll learn from the course:

  •   Meditation and motivation to transform body and mind
  •   Core strengthening to make you feel fit
  •   Ways to feel energized, vibrant and focused
  •   Techniques to discover your stressors
  •   Abilities to create positive changes in life
  •   Realizing your areas of growth
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Why do you need this Course?

Detox yoga’s usefulness is undeniable. Yoga entails pouring energy, power, and brings tranquillity into your mind, body, and spirit. This exercise will make you feel better if you do it for a few minutes each day. It’s inexpensive, and doesn’t necessitate any special equipment.
Yogic Detox helps to relieve digestive problems while toning the liver and other digestive organs and glands. It increases lymphatic circulation, enhances the immune system, and purifies the blood. Onergen’s course will provide you all the tools you need to detox your mind, body, and soul. Meditation can help you avoid the feelings of burnout, improve attention, and boost the level of your creativity. There would be noticeable changes after you’re done practicing guided meditation to connect with the divine power.

Key Takeaways From this Course

  •   Tips for emotional well-being
  •   Basic yoga techniques
  •   Strategies to enhance physical endurance
  •   Action plan to increase self-compassion
  •   Hacks to improve concentration

What Do students have to say about our Course?



The coach has an excellent ability to explain ideas that can enrich your life and make it more peaceful and serene.


I had trouble sleeping. After practicing yoga through Onergen’s course, I can see an improvement in my sleeping patterns.


After taking the course, I often find myself reflecting on things that I could’ve done better and that made me anxious. The course transformed my way of thinking.


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