Who Is This Course For?

This course is designed for people who:

  •   Want to stay calm in stressed situations
  •   Desire to discover the hidden potential
  •   Are willing to boost the productivity
  •   Reinforce mindfulness meditation
  •   Wish to be self-aware
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What is Required From The Students?

This course is designed for people who:

  •    Curiosity to explore
  •    High motivation
  •    Strong commitment
  •    Reinforce mindfulness 
  •    Internet access

Course Description

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our audio course “Meditation & Visualization”. This Onergen course is guided by our seasoned meditation expert and visualization specialist, this 20 minute session offers a profound exploration into the realms of inner peace, mindfulness, and creative manifestation.

Here, you’ll learn the foundational principles of meditation, allowing you to cultivate a deep sense of calm and clarity amidst life’s chaos. You’ll discover various techniques to quiet the mind, release stress, and tap into your inner reservoir of serenity. This course goes beyond traditional meditation practices. Through the power of visualization, you’ll learn how to harness the mind’s creative potential to manifest your deepest desires and aspirations. You’ll explore visualization exercises designed to unlock your imagination, amplify your intentions, and align your thoughts with the life you envision.

Throughout the course, you’ll also delve into the science behind meditation and visualization, understanding how these practices positively impact your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Whether you seek inner peace, personal growth, or the realization of your dreams, “Meditation and Visualization” offers the guidance and tools you need to embark on a profound inner journey and unlock the full potential of your mind. Enrich your life, awaken your spirit, and discover the limitless possibilities that lie within.

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Why do you need this Course?

If you’re losing vital energy, Onergen’s course is here to help you. Meditation will facilitate you in figuring things out in a much better way. This course will uncover the veil that’s been put on your skills and abilities and it will give your soul a purposeful meaning in life.
Meditation can help you avoid the feelings of burnout, improve attention, and boost the level of your creativity. There would be noticeable changes after you’re done practicing guided meditation to connect with the divine power.

Key Takeaways From this Course

  •   Techniques to learn the basics of meditation
  •   How to maintain stability in life to be productive
  •   How to stay optimistic in disturbing situations
  •   Ways to organize your mind to handle your energy
  •   How can you beat stress and anxiety

What Do students have to say about our Course?



This was a profound course for me. As previously I felt distracted but it helped steer me in the direction that I needed to explore myself.


I felt emotionally disconnected from people. Through onergen’s course of meditation, I was able to find access to emotions.


I felt discouraged by various people in the past. Onergen’s course brings me back to the positive aspect of life because it encouraged me to reach my goals.


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